Top 10 Mystical Caves Around The World

The Earth has many wonderful secrets, including some incredible caves that can make you feel like you’ve seen a glimpse of Paradise.

Explore the best mystical caves that have attracted tourists, hikers and archaeologists around the world.

Glow Worm Caves, New Zealand

Think of these caves as your dream room, filled throughout with glow-in-the-dark stars. Situated in North New Zealand, these caves host a unique species of glow worms that are barely the size of a mosquito. Together, they emit a beautiful glow throughout these magical caves and act almost like an indoor starry night sky.

Glow Worm Caves
Glow Worm Caves in New Zealand | Photo credit:

Antelope Canyon, USA

This canyon is situated right outside Arizona and is truly a masterpiece. Flooding and erosion over centuries have formed the unique landscape of these caverns, creating passages and tunnels. In fact, the rocks that bind these caves together have a fluid, wave-like shape, kind of like a sea made of reddish stone.

Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon, USA | Photo credit:

Ice Cave, Skaftafell, Iceland

If you’ve ever wondered what Winter Wonderland would look like, this is it. These mystical caves seem like they’re constantly moving because of their icy walls, which play around with their own reflections in the Sun. The icy walls have no open air pockets, so when you’re inside, your eyes only see shades of blue. Since the cavern walls are made of ice, they constantly change shape with changing weather, so it’ll never be exactly the same.

Ice Cave
Ice Cave, Skaftafell, Iceland | Photo credits:

Cave of Crystals, Chihuahua, Mexico

Forget about Breakfast at Tiffany’s. We’re headed to the Cave of Crystals. Home to some of the largest crystals in the world, these caves are straight out of a fairytale. With giant crystals that can weigh over 50 tons, the cave seems to emit magical energy. These caves have been around for centuries and centuries. The heat of the crystals is so intense, it’s not possible to remain inside for more than 10 minutes unless you’ve got special protective gear, but it’s definitely worth it!

Cave of Crystals
Cave of Crystals, Chihuahua, Maxico | Photo credits:

The Reed Flute Cave, China

This is no ordinary limestone cave. These magical caves have been around for over 180 million years! The intricate carvings, massive limestone figures and mineral statues make these caves look like a stone metropolis. The reeds found there can be used to make musical flutes. This magical, musical cave was forgotten about for many years, but has now been recognized for its beauty and attracts tourists from everywhere.

The Reed Flute Cave
The Reed Flute Cave, China | Photo credit:

Ellison’s Cave (Fantastic Pit), USA

Caves are notorious for being huge and dark, but none of them compare to this beast. The Fantastic Pit is wide, and well, cavernous like a regular cave. Think of it as an almost endless abyss. With a magnificent depth of around 586 feet, it is the deepest cavern in the US. It’s so deep, in order to go inside, you have to cross the “Warm-up Pit”, and even then, only people with the right expertise can go inside.

Fantastic Pit
Ellison’s Cave (Fantastic Pit), USA | Photo credit: Adam Haydock

The Cave of Three Bridges, Lebanon

These mystical caves are covered and dark, they’re open air caves! The caves are situated alongside the Baatara Gorge Waterfall and the force of the water has overtime created bridges and tunnels within the caverns, including some natural skylights.

The Cave of Three Bridges
The Cave of Three Bridges, Lebanon | Photo credit:

Fingal Cave, Scotland

Located on an isolated island, these caves feature such intricate designs on their walls, it’s hard to believe that they haven’t been carved out by a craftsman. The patterned, hexagonal walls are more beautiful than any man-made brick structure, and they’re actually made of solidified lava!

Fingal Cave
Fingal Cave, Scotland | Photo credit:

Majlis Al Jinn Cave, Oman

The term ‘Majlis Al Jinn’ literally means “Meeting Place of the Spirits” and is among one of the largest caves in the world. The name doesn’t hold too much significance, but locals believe that the caverns are filled with jinns (spirits). The entrances to this cave may be small, but the inside is massive and endless.

Majlis Al Jinn Cave
Majlis Al Jinn Cave, Oman | Photo credit:

Blue Grotto Cave, Italy

This mystical cave is filled with deep, blue water that glistens and illuminates the entire cave. It immerses you in a world of dancing blue reflections and hues throughout the cave.

Blue Grotto Cave
Blue Grotto Cave, Italy | Photo credit:

Time to Explore

These magical caves are some of nature’s greatest treasures, and if you’re planning a vacation, any one of these will be a great place to visit. Prepare to immerse yourself in some of the Earth’s greatest artwork.

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