9 Countries That Make The Best Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the world’s favorite treats, enjoyed by millions of people every day. Whether you’re a connoisseur or simply have a sweet tooth, you can choose between many countries that are equally skilled in the art of chocolate-making.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the countries that are renowned for producing the best chocolate in the world. From the smooth and velvety Swiss chocolate to the rich and earthy chocolate from Ecuador, join us on a mouth-watering journey through some of the world’s finest chocolate destinations.


Popular brands: Leonidas, Godiva, Neuhaus, Guylian, Cote d’Or

Exceptional Quality

Belgian chocolate is known for its exceptional quality, which comes from using only the finest natural ingredients, with 100% pure cocoa butter being the foundation.

The cocoa beans are carefully selected, and the production process pays close attention to every detail, including traditional recipes passed down through generations. It’s these elements that contribute to the unique aroma and flavor of Belgian chocolate, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

The Taste

Unlike other chocolates, Belgian chocolate has an incredibly smooth consistency that’s free from air bubbles, lumps, or unevenness. When you place a cube of Belgian chocolate on your tongue, it will slowly and gently melt in your mouth, releasing its flavor.

The combination of sweetness and the slight bitterness and astringency of cocoa beans creates an unforgettable taste that sets Belgian chocolate apart from the rest.

belgian chocolate pralines

Genuine Passion

That country is truly devoted to the art of chocolate-making. You can find chocolate shops on every street corner, each with its unique charm and tempting aroma. When you step inside, you’ll be greeted with a dizzying display of delicious treats. It’s impossible to visit Belgium without picking up a box of exquisite chocolates to share with your loved ones back home.

Belgium is home to an astounding 600,000 tons of chocolate production each year, with the average citizen consuming a staggering 8 kg of this sweet delicacy annually.

Belgian chocolatiers are world-renowned for their expert skills and techniques. In fact, there are even schools in Belgium dedicated solely to the art of crafting the perfect chocolate.


Popular brands: Lindt, Cailler, Tablerone, Nestle

The Birthplace Of Milk Chocolate

Did you know that milk chocolate was first created by Daniel Peter in 1875 after a series of trial and error? Peter, who was the son-in-law of Cailler’s founder, finally discovered the perfect combination of chocolate and powdered milk, leading to the birth of milk chocolate.

Interestingly, it was another descendant of the Cailler family, Aleksander’s grandson, who changed the famous recipe by replacing powdered milk with condensed milk from cows in the Gruyere region.

Today, while most manufacturers use powdered milk, Cailler still obtains the milk for their chocolate from the cows grazing in nearby pastures. As a result, their chocolate has a creamier texture, a more pronounced milky taste, and is slower to dissolve in the mouth, making it a one-of-a-kind treat for your taste buds.

Secret Behind That Teste

Swiss chocolate is a delight for any chocolate lover, and its secret lies in a special production method known as conching. The Swiss have patented this technology to ensure that their delectable chocolate bars are unmatched by any counterfeits.

This technique is a complex process of mixing and pouring ingredients that takes two days to complete. In a special dish, the temperature reaches up to 105 degrees Celsius. The result is a smooth and velvety chocolate that melts in your mouth.

The inventor of this process was none other than Rudolf Lindt, the creator of the famous golden Easter bunnies and one of the most beloved chocolate brands in the world. So, you can be sure that when you indulge in Swiss chocolate, you’re experiencing a true masterpiece of chocolate-making.

swiss pink chocolate
Yuliya Furman / 500px

They Even Produce Pink Chocolate!

There’s a new treat on the Swiss market that’s got many people excited. And no, it’s not some crazy flavor or neon colors. It’s pink chocolate – the real deal, with no added chemicals or artificial flavors. Made from the ruby cocoa tree grown in Brazil and Ivory Coast, this chocolate is aptly named ‘Ruby’.


Popular brands: Amadei, Domori, Ferrero, Kinder, Caffarel, Cioccolata Venchi

Delicious Cousine And Chocolate Is No Exception

Italy is famous for its delicious food, such as pasta and pizza, but did you know they’re also experts in chocolate-making? Well, they really are.

In the 17th century, a merchant named Francesco d’Antonio Carletto brought cocoa to Tuscany, and it gradually gained popularity throughout Italy. Cities like Florence, Venice, and Turin began producing their own chocolate. It was in Turin, in 1778, that the inventor Doret created the first chocolate-making machine. Thanks to this invention, it became possible to grind cocoa mass with vanilla and sugar.

Nowadays, Turin is a powerhouse of Italian chocolate production, responsible for 40% of all sweet production in Italy. That amounts to a whopping 85,000 tons of chocolate per year.

ferrero rocher italian sweet
Dzenina Lukac / Pexels

Italians Breaking World’s Chocolate Records

When it comes to chocolate, Italians are always aiming to break new records and come out on top. Back in 2000, a colossal chocolate bar weighing a whopping 1,500 kg and sprinkled with 500 kg of hazelnuts was made in Turin and landed a coveted spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

But they didn’t stop there! In 2011, in the city of Bologna, the longest chocolate bar was created, measuring an incredible 15 meters in length and 2 meters in width. It was another impressive feat that rightfully earned its place in the Guinness Book of Records.


Popular brands: Pacari

Home of The Finest Cocoa Bean

If you want to make the best chocolate, you gotta have the best ingredient – the cocoa bean. Luckily, Ecuador, a small country on the west coast of South America, grows some of the finest cocoa in the world. In fact, only 5% of cocoa in the world has the Fine Aroma label, and an impressive 63% of it comes from Ecuador!

cocoa beans on wooden desks

The aroma of chocolate is one of the key factors that makes it so delicious, and with such high-quality cocoa, Ecuadorian chocolate is one of the most fragrant and flavorful treats around.

Ivory Coast

Popular brands: Instant Chocolat

Global Leader Of Cocoa Beans Supply

Ivory Coast provides a whopping 45 percent of the world’s cocoa beans supply! Chocolate giants like Cadbury and Nestle buy this precious ingredient from them. But can you believe that the Ivorians only have a 4 percent share in the chocolate industry? Well, the tides are changing as African chocolate makers take matters into their own hands and are starting to create their own delicious chocolate products.

hands holding cocoa beans

Their chocolate, from pralines to chocolate bars, is becoming increasingly popular both locally and internationally. It’s exciting to see how their unique approach are making a significant impact in the chocolate industry, and it’s definitely worth trying out their products for a taste of something new and delicious.

United Kingdom

Popular brands: Cadbury

Cadbury Says It All

When it comes to the UK, we often think about tea, but the Brits also have a sweet tooth for chocolate.

And if there’s one name that comes to mind, it’s Cadbury. This chocolate brand, based in Birmingham, is a household name that has been around for almost 200 years. Its chocolate is so good that it has fans all around the world, and its signature purple wrapping is instantly recognizable.

If you’re in the UK, you can’t miss a visit to Cadbury World, where you’ll learn about the history of chocolate, watch how it’s made, and indulge in all sorts of delicious chocolatey treats. Trust me, it’s a paradise for chocoholics.

cadbury chocolate closeup shot
Yeremia Ganda / Pexels

Don’t Miss Chocolate Experience in London!

But if you’re more into artisanal chocolate, London has a lot to offer. You can find a wide range of local chocolate shops that cater to different tastes. From the classic truffles to the more exotic flavors like chili or sea salt, you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your sweet cravings.

And if you want to experience chocolate in a unique way, you can also check out the Chocolate Ecstasy Tour, a guided walking tour that takes you to some of the best chocolate shops in the city. It’s a perfect way to explore London while indulging in some of the best chocolate the city has to offer.


Popular brands: Wedel, Wawel, Goplana

Hidden Gem

Did you know that Poland is actually the fourth largest exporter of chocolate in the world? It’s true! In fact, Poland has a 7.3 percent share in world chocolate exports, which puts it behind only Germany, Belgium, and Italy. When it comes to chocolate in Polish stores, you’ll find a variety of sweets, both locally produced and from neighboring countries such as Switzerland’s Milka and Italy’s Kinder.

Local Producer

Poland’s Wedel company is one of the oldest domestic chocolate producers, having been founded in 1851. Today, they continue to create not only classic chocolate treats, but also a diverse range of delectable sweets. From classic chocolate bars to unique and delicious treats like jaffa-cake-style Delicje. So, next time you’re looking for some chocolate, don’t forget to check out what Poland has to offer!

wedel's delicje cakes

United States

Popular brands: Harshey’s, Mars

Mass-Produced Candies

United States may not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking of chocolate, nonetheless it still has some major players in the industry like Mars or Hershey’s to name a few.

hershey's chocolate bar
mjimages / Pixabay

In addition to these larger companies, there are also many smaller, artisanal chocolate makers throughout the country. These chocolate makers often source their cocoa beans from specific regions of the world, resulting in unique and complex flavors in their products.

Our contry is also known for its love of chocolate desserts, with popular treats such as chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and chocolate cake being staples in American households.


Popular brands: Ibarra, Abuelita, Carlos V

History Of Chocolate Starts In Mexico

Mexico is the place where chocolate’s history began. The Mayans and the Aztecs were the first to discover the unique properties of cocoa and started cultivating it. However, it was not a sweet treat for them, but a bitter drink. To add to the flavor, they even mixed spicy chili with it. The Aztecs believed that the drink was a gift from the gods.

Despite many changes in chocolate-making over the centuries, Mexican chocolate has remained unique, and still reflects its earliest origins. In Mexico, chocolate is more than just a treat, it is a staple of local cuisine, often used as an ingredient in other dishes.

One-of-a-kind Flavour

You can easily find Mexican chocolate in the form of “chocolate de mesa”. This type of chocolate is made by grinding toasted cacao nibs with sugar, cinnamon, almonds, and sometimes vanilla or other spices. It is typically sold in round discs and used to make hot chocolate. Compared to regular chocolate, the texture of Mexican chocolate is more grainy and rough, and it boasts a mild yet complex flavor that will leave you wanting more. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are definitely missing out!


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