6 Reasons Why Corona Beer Is Served With Lime Or Lemon

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Corona beer is a premium Mexican lager that is outstandingly popular and a favorite for many for its unmatched quality and refreshing capabilities. There is nothing more pleasant than gushing down a cold Corona while enjoying some beach time during hot summer days. However, enjoying a Corona beer without some lime is seemingly unimaginable. If you haven’t tried this duo, it is time you did. Many people fail to understand the relevance of serving Corona beer with a slice of lime hanging off the bottle’s top. While this little tradition continues to be practiced, the question remains how did this common ritual come to be?

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The History Behind Serving Corona Beer With Lime

Grupo Modelo, the company that brews Corona beer, has existed since the 1800s; however, the tradition of adding lime to Corona started in 1981. There is a popular tale told of a bartender who made a bet with his colleague on starting a national trend by adding lime to Corona beer. As time passed, the trend caught on as many people in the United States embraced the idea of squeezing lime into Corona beer.

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Reasons Why Corona Beer Is Served With Lime Or Lemon

1. Lime is a sterilizer

Like many beers available in the market, Corona beer is sealed with metal caps. Some people believe these metal caps are responsible for leaving rusty marks on the bottle’s rim. A slice of lime helps remove the rusty coat formed, preserving the beer’s original taste.

Besides that, lime is known to be a powerful disinfectant. The acidic nature of the fruit is quite effective in killing germs possibly left behind on the bottle’s rim after unsanitary bottling practices.

There is a theory suggesting that the use of lime was necessitated by the fact that back in the day, Corona beer was packaged in recyclable bottles, which did not undergo thorough disinfection before packaging. Lime had a significant role in countering bacterial growth.

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2. Lime improves taste

Lime is known to have excellent masking properties. Corona beer is packaged in clear, brown, and green bottles. Corona in clear bottles tends to have a different taste from that of colored bottles. The scientific explanation behind the fact is that beer is extremely sensitive to light. Among the ingredients that go into making beer are hops which are responsible for imparting flavor and preserving beer. Upon light exposure, hops undergo some chemical reactions triggering the development of a foul odor and not-so-pleasant taste.

Serving Corona beer with lime is guaranteed insurance against skunky flavor and aroma. Besides that, it gives the beer some extra tartness.

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3. Lime acts as a repellant

Many theories have been floated that back in the day, bartenders, mostly operating in open-air bars or by the beach, used lime wedges on the beer’s neck to deter flies from entering the bottle. The theory that lime is an effective repellant is indeed true. Many companies that manufacture bug repellants incorporate citrus extracts in their products. The main reason behind using citrus extract is its effectiveness in keeping off bugs.

4. Lime contributed to the brand’s popularity

The ritual of adding lime into Corona is credited with helping the brand gain some momentum in the market. As earlier stated, the tradition of putting lime in Corona started in 1981, and by 1986 Corona beer ranked second after Heineken among the most imported beers in the United States. In 1999, Corona made its way up to become the best-selling import. Besides that, Corona beer ranked among the top 10 best-selling beers overall.

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5. Lime has multiple health benefits

Besides sanitizing your beer and making it more delicious, multiple health benefits are associated with adding lime to your drink. Like other citrus fruits, lime contains lots of vitamin C, which plays a significant role in immune function and offers protection from free radical damage. In addition, lime promotes gut health by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes and promoting bowel movement.

Lime reduces the risk of bacterial illnesses. The fruit contains antifungal and antibacterial compounds that inhibit bacterial and fungal activity. Lastly, lime promotes heart health and skin texture.

On the other hand, Corona beer is high in carbs and calories, which are responsible for leaving your body fully energized.

It’s important to note that despite the health benefits of adding lime to your beer, too much alcohol consumption is known to increase the risk of liver damage, heart disease, and cancer, among other conditions.

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6. Lime makes the beer more appealing

Garnishing your Corona beer with a fresh wedge of lime dangling off the bottle makes the drink more attractive and presentable. There are various ways to cut lime, including wedges and wheels. Knowing how to cut proper lime slices is a crucial skill set that bartenders should possess. Cutting lime into various shapes not only helps make the drink more appealing but also allows the drinker to squeeze as much juice as they please from the fruit.

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