How Much Does it Cost to Walk in Vaporetto in Venice and in Gondola

A trip to Venice means immersing yourself in a new world in which nothing seems real, time stops and everything is completely different from other cities. Moving through the city of canals is an experience in itself. Here you will find everything you need to know to enjoy a vaporetto ride in Venice or by gondola along the canals of this magical Italian city.

The city of canals.

Venice is nothing more than a group of islands linked by bridges in the middle of a lagoon. Islands that for a long time were the centre of the world, the link between east and west and now try not to lose that halo of romantic and traditional beauty between so much modernity. One of those things that makes the city special is its canals. Visitors and citizens alike are forced to take some of the water transport available in Venice if they want to get around and get to know the whole city.

One of the advantages of Venice is that there are no cars, no traffic lights, no deafening traffic… but that also means that the most common means of public transport are vaporettos, taxiboats, gondolas or traghetti. This means that you move either on foot or by water. The average time to walk around the city is one and a half hours. Because of the water, things change a little.

Vaporetto or gondola, I like both.

Today I am going to talk to you about two in particular: the vaporetto, which really works as a means of transport for its passengers; and the gondola, which although it is used to move between the canals, its function is more of a tourist and recreational nature rather than as a means of getting from one point to another on the islands.

In addition to water transport, trams and city buses are also used, but if you are going to stay in the city for a few days and your visit is touristy, knowing these two is more than enough. If you need more information about how transport works in Venice, it is available and updated on the official website.

Difference between Traghetti, Bricole and Gancer

Traghetti: Gondolas used to cross the canal for 1 or 2 €. One travels standing up.
Bricole: These are the mooring posts for the gondolas. Simply black carob tree with more than 600 years old or painted with the colors of the family coat of arms if they belong to a palace.
Gancer: A retired old gondolier who helps to disembark from the gondola.

Lines, prices and timetables of the Vaporetto in Venice
In Venice the ambulances, the post office, the garbage collection service or the police move through the water and the buses were not going to be any less. The vaporetto in Venice is the water public transport service of the city, either to move within the city or to move to other islands in the lagoon.

Note that it is not always necessary to take one of these transports to move around Venice, but part of the city’s charm lies in stopping for a moment, resting your feet and climbing up to enjoy a walk along the canal. It was clear to me as soon as I left the Santa Lucia station: I wanted to travel the Grand Canal by vaporetto.

It’s worth getting on the famous line 1, which slowly runs along the Grand Canal, so you can enjoy the views of Venice from the water. Generally, this and other main lines usually run every 10 – 20 minutes, with the frequency dropping a bit at night.

Vaporetto timetables and prices in Venice

Main lines:
Line 1: Slowly travel the Grand Canal from the Piazzale Roma bus station to Lido Island.
3: Connect Piazzale Roma with Murano Island.
7: Connects St. Mark’s Square with Murano Island.
10: This is the fastest line from St. Mark’s Square to Lido Island.
18: Make the journey between the Island of Lido and the Island of Murano.
to the Basilica: free of charge. San Marcos Museum: 5€. Treasury: 3€. Golden Shovel: 2€.

Timetable: Most lines are available from 4:30 a.m. to 00:30 a.m.
Buy the transport card: The transport card that allows you to travel through Venice and its islands combining different means of transport.
More information and ticket purchase:

Prices and duration of a gondola tour in Venice

One of the most typical things when visiting Venice is to take a gondola ride along the canals. The gondolas now only have a purely touristic function, but they were the main means of transport and today the Venetians still use them for very specific aspects of daily life.

The biggest drawback to getting on one of these gondolas is the price. The tariff on which the gondolieri are officially handled is between 80 and 100 € depending on the time of the walk.

To the walk you can add practically any service, which is charged separately. The ride is expensive, but if what you are looking for is a romantic moment with your partner there is no doubt that the gondola ride is worth it.

How much does a gondola ride in Venice cost?

Price of a Gondola Ride in Venice

Address: Stazio Bauer.
Prices: Adult: 32 € sharing gondola with a maximum of 6 people. Children under 2 years old: free of charge.
Timetable: 11:00 / 15:00 / 17:15
Duration: 20 minutes.
Route: From Bauer Station exit to the Grand Canal, route through the small canals near Teatro La Fenicie and return.
Booking: Book your gondola ride here at the best price. Guided tour not included.

PRICE of GONDOLA in VENICE with serenade

Address: Santa María del Giglio.
Prices: Adult: 41€ sharing gondola with a maximum of 6 people. Children under 2 years old: free of charge.
Hours: 18:30 / 19:30
Duration: 20 minutes.
Route: Along the canals from Santa María del Giglio station.
Booking: Book your gondola ride here at the best price. It is done with a group of gondolas. The serenade is offered from a single gondola.

3 excursions in Venice not to be missed

These are the essential excursions to get to know Venice in one day

Entrance to the Basilica of San Marcos and Ducal Palace WITHOUT TAILS. Includes entrance fees and guided tour.
Excursion to Murano, Burano and Torcello. These are the most famous islands of the Venice lagoon and the excursion that nobody wants to miss.
Guided tour of Venice. A tour of the city to get to know the essentials of Venice.

You know that I love to help you organize, on your own, the best excursions in each destination. I also know that sometimes we need someone to take care of everything. These excursions in Venice have VERY GOOD OPINIONS from other travellers like you and are COMPLETELY IN SPANISH. The same tour that I did but without having to worry about anything. You have it all in one click if you are going to travel to Venice: transport, guide and tours.

Where to Sleep in Venice?

Hotel Violino d’Oro: Wonderful hotel with soundproofed rooms. Excellent location overlooking a small square and a small canal. The best value is the location and breakfast. Accommodation with free Wifi. A hotel for couples and families with children. The most valued: The location: 9.7, the food and, above all, the customers love the tranquility. Clicking here you can make your reservation at Hotel Violino d´Oro.

Venetian Sunset room in Venice: Venetian Sunset apartments for small groups or families with children. Centrally located apartments 10 minutes walk from Santa Lucia station in the Cannaregio district. Comfortable and spacious rooms. Free WIFI and air conditioning. Very well valued for the location and tranquility of the place. This accommodation also has a great score for its value for money. Click here to make your reservation for the Venetian Sunset apartments.

Private transfers in Venice

Information and Booking
Price : 4-seater tourism + Water taxi (if necessary): 55 €.
Tourism for 8 people: 80 €.
Book in advance: minimum 18 h.
Recommendation: We recommend you to reserve the return transfer to the airport at least two and a half hours before the scheduled departure time if it is for the airport MARCO POLO, three hours for the TREVISO. If the hotel does not have a pier, it stops at the nearest pier and you must walk no more than 100 metres.
Online booking: BOOK your PRIVATE TRANSFER at the best price in VENICE.

What did you think of this information about the vaporetto in Venice?

I hope you have used this information about the vaporetto in Venice, the most common transport to tour Venice, and the prices of a gondola ride. Just one thing before finishing, leave me a comment in this post telling me what you thought of the information. I’m really looking forward to hearing about it. Or also tell me any doubt you have about the city. It is the way to help other travelers.


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