Family Travel Insurance: 10 Reasons to Take it Out

The insurance for me is the most important part of a vacation so that they are quiet and you can enjoy them without incidents. Especially if the trip is with the family.

When you prepare your holidays there is a lot of work to be done. One of the most important things for me may be at the end of your to-do list. And sometimes it won’t even appear on it. If you have children, in this article I will give you my 10 reasons for taking out a family travel insurance and I will explain why it is the first thing you have to book.

Travel insurance is vital for everyone, but especially when there are children. Working for 15 years in travel agencies gave me enough experience to know the following: that a travel and cancellation policy is vital for anyone. But it is especially indicated when you have children. There are more risks of accidents, illnesses… It’s a question of fireworks; if your family is 4 people, multiply by 4 the chances of having a mishap; before or during your holidays.

I have already told you why you should take out travel insurance. I’ve also told you about sports insurance. And I’ve explained why you can’t travel in a country like the USA without having a good policy that covers any medical problem. Now I wanted to focus on family travel insurance. The one I’ve been using for a few years; because in El Viaje de Sofi there are three of us: Mónica, me -Miguel- and our little girl, Julieta. We always travel with IATI. They give us confidence and any doubt or problem has always been resolved quickly. For being our reader you can hire it with a 5% discount on this link.

These are the 10 reasons to contract a family travel insurance.

Medical assistance abroad
Physical Damage in a Car Accident
Delivery of medicines
Paediatric helpline
Theft, damage and loss of luggage
Dental expenses
Reversal Coverage

We love America, a country where travel insurance is a must.

1.- Medical assistance abroad

It’s one of the greatest fears of a traveler. Having to go to a hospital in a country that is not yours. The problem is greater when you travel as a family. If you are a resident in Spain with this family insurance you are all covered with up to €600 in the country, and most importantly: with up to €200,000 abroad. In countries like the United States a silly accident like falling and fracturing your wrist in the USA costs approximately 1,200 € for an X-ray and a simple cast.

2.- Physical damage in a car accident

It is more and more frequent that when we go out we rent a car for our holidays. I always take the maximum coverages of the vehicle, especially after an accident in Canada. But I don’t need to take out the personal clauses because I already have them covered with my family travel insurance policy.

3.- Delivery of medicines

This is one of the causes for using insurance that you think about the least, but the most you may need. In Montreal, Monica had a bad throat and realized that the medicine she usually takes – which costs 3 euros in Spain – had been forgotten at home. Getting it in Canada would have implied a consultation with the doctor -about 150 euros- to get the prescription.

4.- Repatriation

It’s the most extreme case, but knowing you’re covered is a relief when you travel abroad. In the case of the family travel insurance it has a very important clause that covers repatriation assisted by a relative 24 hours a day if something happens to a parent; to avoid that in a case like that the children are always in the care of an adult of their family.

The travel insurance allows us to enjoy peaceful holidays

5.- Paediatric assistance telephone number

This is the other strong point of this IATI insurance. With it you have professional advice. In a single phone call, you can remedy a small medical consultation of your children, avoiding having to take them to a hospital with a quick medical consultation.

6.- Theft, damage and loss of luggage

Having your suitcase lost can be a nuisance; searching for it can take some time that you don’t want to lose during your vacation. The insurance company takes care of the paperwork. And it also compensates you if there is damage to public transport or if you suffer violent robbery.

7.- Claims

Having to make a claim of any kind abroad – for damages, purchase or service contracts – can be a nuisance. Because you’re on holiday and don’t want problems, the difficulty of the language and being in a different place and… for the costs. This insurance covers you part of those expenses.

8.- Civil liability

As I told you, for 15 years I worked in wholesale travel agencies and central booking offices. During two of them I was in contact with insurance companies. One thing was clear to me from that time: liability is the most important part of travel insurance. Because it is the most unexpected and the one that has the highest cost due to the legal consequences: leaving a fire on, causing a car accident, breaking an appliance… In this family travel insurance policy they have a child’s civil liability – the cases in which they can demand compensation from you for being their legal guardian – especially high: 70,000 €.

9.- Dental expenses

If you have children, you know that part of your budget is going to go in their teeth. This policy does not cover a filling, but it does cover infections, pain or trauma from a blow; something that is common in children.

10.- Cancellation insurance

When you take out the IATI family travel insurance you have the opportunity to take out the cancellation option as well. I recommend that you do so. For a little bit more you will avoid the costs of cancellation of flights, hotels and excursions. We can all get sick, but children play in another league, especially if they are small and the trip is at school. If viruses spoil your trip, at least at zero cost.

5 cases of cancellation covered by the family travel insurance

The cancellation insurance covers more situations, but these are 5 that, for me, already justify that you buy it.

Severe illness
Serious accident
Workplace causes. Dismissal or incorporation to a new job.
A problem in the insured’s property

Does the European Health Insurance Card serve as a family travel insurance?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when you have doubts about insurance and health in other countries. In theory, the European Health Insurance Card is valid in almost all the countries of the European Union and in Switzerland. It is valid for 2 years. You have to apply for it at your local Social Security Information and Care Centres (CAISS) by appointment. It will be sent to your home within 10 days. If you do not arrive in time for your trip, you will be given a provisional receipt.

Now, that’s the theory. But in practice you have to bear in mind that there are EU countries where there is a co-payment. In which you will have to pay a part of the treatment. Here’s an example. In Germany you have to pay 10 € for each day of stay in hospital, 10 % – not reimbursable – of the cost of medicines and another 10 % of the cost of the ambulance.

What are you going to do on your next trip?

I’m clear: although it’s not too much to take it with you, I’m going on a trip with my family travel insurance policy. As I said at the beginning, I leave you the link in which you will get a 5% discount for being a reader of our blog.

I hope to have helped you with my advice and my experience of these years traveling the world.


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