24 Fun Facts About Australia

Australia is full of amazing new discoveries. You might have heard stories about Australians being great cricket players and how Australian toilets swirl in the other direction. We’re here to add to the list of interesting facts you know about the land of the kangaroos.

Now, let’s read some fun facts about Australia.

Animal Facts

Let’s learn a little more about the wildlife in Australia.

1. Kangaroos Outnumber People in Australia

You should’ve known the first fact would be kangaroo-related. With a kangaroo population of over 50 million, you’re more likely to meet more kangaroos than people if you ever visit Australia.

Fun Fact: Kangaroos can’t walk backwards! That’s why they’re even part of the Australian coat of arms.
Another Fun Fact: Newborn kangaroos are only 2 centimeters long!

2. Australia Houses Countless Different Species of Animals

Australian Coala
Australian Coala | Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/leandrogabrieli/

Turns out you won’t just get to see kangaroos on your Australian adventure, you’ll get to see many other different types of animals. With countless different species, you’re sure to see many unique animals such as cute, cuddly koalas, exotic birds and platypuses.

3. The Largest Carnivore in Australia is the Size of a Cat

Ever looked at your pet cat lounging around on the sofa, wondering if it would be capable of killing you someday? The Australian Dingo is the largest carnivore in Australia, and it’s probably the size of your pet cat, Snowball.

4. Australia Houses 21 Species of Venomous Snakes

Globally, there are 25 species of venomous snakes of which 21 are in Australia alone! Surprisingly though, they are not the source of many human deaths. In fact, there are more Australians who have died by being trampled by horses rather than being bitten by a venomous snake.

5. They Have a Cockroach Racing Championship

Cockroach Racing Championship | Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/laughingsquid/

Have you ever looked at a stray cockroach on your kitchen floor and considered training it for the Big Leagues? No? Well it seems like you’re the only one because Australia hosts what is known as the world cockroach racing championship. Next time you’re about to crush a ‘roach with your foot, you might want to reconsider. Who knows? You might have crushed a potential prize-winner!

6. Australia’s History has a Black Mark, and it’s Known as the Emu War

Great Emu War | Photo credit: https://sirfrogsworth.tumblr.com/

Pretty much every country in the world has some history of war or bloodshed, but none quite as upsetting as the Australian Emu War. These wingless birds won a war against the Australian military in 1932 when the birds had started causing excessive damage to crops. Many birds were martyred, but a majority continued on their path of crop destruction, a blow on the Australian military.

7. They Have More Camels Than Egypt

You probably thought that camels thrive the most in the desert right? But Australia has many more camels than Egypt itself!

Nature Facts

Don’t hit the snooze button yet, we’re not about to tell you about how much percentage of Australia is land and water. We’re going to share with you some interesting facts about Australia.

8. Clean Air

Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world! If you live in a crowded city and you can’t even fathom the idea of breathing in air that isn’t chock-full of smog particles and dust, then you might want to book a plane ticket.

9. They Have a Pink Lake

Pink Lake | Photo credit: https://www.showpo.com

Remember that time when you couldn’t find the blue crayon and decided to color the water in pink instead? Well that’s what Lake Hillier is like. These candy pink waters are truly one of nature’s mysteries because even scientists have yet to figure out exactly how the water is so naturally pink.

10. The Great Barrier Reef is the Largest Reef in the World

The Great Barrier Reef | Photo credit: ahbrannon, https://www.flickr.com/photos/54551754@N04/

You might have heard stories about the Great Barrier Reef. Not only is it a spectacular place to go scuba diving, but it’s so massive that it can even be seen from outer space!

11. The Australian Alps are Snowier than the Swiss Alps!

Everyone’s always talking about the Swiss Alps, but no one ever mentions the Australian Alps which receive more snowfall than the Swiss Alps and the entire range is over 3,000 kilometers long.

12. It Has Endless Beaches

You might have guessed a hundred, but Australia actually has 10,000 beaches so for all those people who love the sound of the waves and the glow of the Sun, you’ll have a new beach to visit every day for many years to come. It comes as no surprise that out of every 5 citizens, 4 of them live within a 50-kilometer distance from the coastline. Every day is a beach day when you’re in Australia.

13. They Have a Place called Mount Disappointment

You know that time, when you were working on a group project and you wanted to call your team “The Disappointments” but decided against it because it didn’t seem professional? Well, Australia has a mountain called Mount Disappointment because of the boring view from the top.

Australian Culture Facts

Enough about wildlife and nature, Australians and their culture is equally fascinating. Here are some fascinating facts about Australian culture.

14. They’ve invented a Brand New Religion

In 2001, around 0.4% of the Australians were found to be following the Jedi Knight Religion and considered themselves to be the Star Wars Jedi Knights. Talk about taking a movie series too seriously.

15. It’s a Great Place for Women!

Since 1902, Australia is the second country in the world to give voting rights to women. Sounds like they’ve developed a progressive culture from the start!

16. Australians are Keen on Gambling

With nearly 18 million Australian dollars lost in gambling, Australia has one of the highest gambling populations worldwide. This gambling habit is probably aided by the fact that around 20% of the world’s slot machines can be found in Australia!

17. Culture is Very Diverse

Even though the native language is English, there are over 200 languages spoken in the country. Apart from common languages like Greek, Italian and Arabic, the majority are the languages of the natives. There used to be more languages, including that of the aborigines, but over time, these have become extinct.

18. Everyone Loves to Eat

Around 60% of the Australian population was found to be overweight in 2012. If you’ve been following MasterChef on television, and are aware of the growing food scene in the country, then you can probably guess why that is. Given that the country has one of the lowest poverty rates worldwide, it looks like everyone loves a good meal in Australia.

19. It’s a Great Tourist Spot!

Every week, around 60 plus tourists overstay their visit in Australia past their visa expiration. Looks like they found some great places to explore apart from Mount Disappointment!

20. Australians Love Vegemite

This yeasty, sludgy stuff in a jar is a popular item in Australia, whether you pair it with your toast at breakfast or anything else. Some say it has a taste that remotely resembles soy sauce. Whatever the flavor, this gooey spread is much loved by Australians, sort of like Americans with peanut butter and jelly, or Nutella. Vegemite is actually made from the scraps left behind in the beer-making process and it’s believed that the taste also has some resemblance to beer.

21. Australians Coined the Word “Selfie”

How many times do people around the world click a selfie, not even knowing where the term first came up? The word selfie was the brainchild of an Australian man who used it as an abbreviation for the word “self-portrait”.

22. Australians Take Their Entertainment Very Seriously

An electoral debate on Australian television was delayed because citizens didn’t want it to collide with the finale of the world famous reality television show, MasterChef Australia.

23. Australians Have a Sense of Humor

An Australian man attempted to “sell” New Zealand on eBay! If you’re looking to buy a country, don’t worry about the expense, because the asking price is only 0.01 Australian dollars.

24. Australians are Really Sporty

It’s also known as the sports capital of the world with around 70% or more of the citizens taking part in some sport or sporty recreational activity every week!

We’ve established that Australia seems like a great place to visit! Not only do they have some very interesting wildlife, but even nature seems to be in on some cosmic joke with its pink lakes and disappointing mountains. The people are really friendly and definitely quirky and with one of the lowest homicide rates in the world, you can roam around freely and enjoy your vacation without the fear of someone jumping out and attacking you. Have a great holiday!

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