Fun Facts About Churros To Stir Your Taste Buds

Interested in finding more about this mouth-watering dessert named churros? Read these fun facts about churros to extend your food knowledge

Anyone who has tasted this scrumptious snack knows how delicious it is. Churros are a popular snack in several parts of the world, especially in Spain and several countries in Latin America. These doughy fried breadsticks usually come with chocolate dips and are one of the best desserts you will ever try. In addition to their deliciousness, they also have several intriguing facts that everyone needs to know about. So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the most exciting things you need to know about churros.

Churro’s origins remain disputed

Churros were thought to have Spanish origins, with the popular theory being that a Spanish shepherd discovered them. However, this theory is disputed. According to another theory, churros originated in China as a popular savory snack called youtiao. Portuguese traders discovered this snack on one of their trading expeditions to the country and liked it so much that they took the concept back to their country and recreated it as a sweet snack that crossed the border and gained popularity in Spain.

Churros For Breakfast
Garry Knight / Flickr

Churros are a breakfast item in Spain

While most Americans consider it a dessert, the churro is served as a popular breakfast item in Spain, paired with hot chocolate. It is also consumed as a snack during lunch and dinner, so it is churro time in Spain any time of the day.

Churro Sheep
/ Mountain Niche Farm

The name ‘churro’ comes from the churra sheep

The churro shape closely resembles the horns of the churra sheep, which is why it is named after them. The name for the delicious sweet snack became popular in Spain and became its identity.

Spanish inquisition introduced churros to South America

Although the snack is now a staple in most South American countries, the Spanish first introduced the dessert in the region during the inquisitions of the 1500s. This introduction was also the first time people considered pairing it with chocolate after taking cocoa and sweetening it with sugar cane.

Vanilla Churro
/ Meilleur De Chef

There are several variations of churros depending on the country

After it became common in several countries, each of them created their stable version of the sweet snack. Some churros are filled with dulce de leche, while others are filled with vanilla.The Cuban version of churros are stuffed with guavas.

Churro Donut
/ Mike Bakes NYC

Churros are a close relative of donuts due to their composition

Churros are made using similar ingredients and methods as doughnuts, making them close relatives of the famous dessert. We don’t realize it because churros have a crispier texture while doughnuts are soft.

Churros at Disneyland
/ Unlokt

2.8 million churros are sold at Disneyland each year

About 2.8 churros are sold at Disneyland each year, which is clear proof of the snack’s popularity among children and adults alike.

Churros are becoming more popular

Based on churro analytics, the snack is becoming increasingly popular and has a market growth rate of 0.73%. Its availability in restaurants is also growing in the US, with 4.32% of restaurants offering churros on the menu as of February 2021.


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