Wine O’clock Drawings By Matt Mawson
Matt Mawson Wine O’clock Drawings

Wine O’clock Drawings By Matt Mawson

Creativity, Spontaneity and Humour


In a modern world that is determined to get busier, faster and more overloaded with information, mostly of a commercialised nature and on the Internet in particular, art characterised by the qualities of creativity, playfulness, spontaneity and humour seems to be at odds with it all.

Bat Pug drawing

From this perspective, we see drawings expressing these qualities with a comical touch are a little antidote to the busy-ness, seriousness and madness of politics, commerce and mass media around us.

Matt Mawson is the illustrator behind the drawings from our Perspectives (View of the World Through Illustrations) collection.

Matt Mawson

Since the 1970s, Matt has had his illustrations and cartoons published in various state and national cultural magazines, including Semper, The Cane Toad Times, Radio Times, Living Daylights, Tracks and Nation Review. His early work was an influential body of political cartoons that rebelled against the ultra-conservative climate of that time in Queensland, Australia.

Matt enjoys doing fast cartoony sketches wherever his inspiration takes him. He describes his work as speedy, silly and scratchy. He has illustrated several books, many of which are for children, and published books of his own including The Gentle Art of Cat Surfing.

Space cats drawing

With decades of practice, he has developed a unique style with simple, bold, free-flowing lines and colours that effortlessly captures the essence of his subjects.

Egrets drawing

This is most evident with his caricatures. Even though they are done with minimal linework, it is easy to tell who the subjects are.

Donald Trump Cartoon

Matt lives with his wife, two rescued eccentric Jack Russells and two boisterous chooks in a quiet leafy suburb on Australia’s east coast. Many of his drawings are hatched at Wine O’clock when Matt enjoys a glass of white and allows his creativity to flow.


In Matt Mawson’s own words:

I started drawing around the age of ten, when undiagnosed shortsightedness meant my best vision was no further away than the comic books my face seemed to be stuck in for much of the time. This gave me ample opportunity to study linework and drawing styles.

Frog O’clock drawing
Chook on the desk

I have been drawing ever since. Getting paid for pieces I sent to a couple of national magazines in the seventies was a big encouragement. I have been lucky to have quirky drawings that I did for my own amusement accepted by publishers. They are easy and fun to do. The more difficult drawings have been those done to a client’s brief. They’re more like work, a bit of drudgery.

In the past, I had been so careful to get my drawings just right. After decades of practice, I recently rediscovered a free and easy style. I find, to my surprise, that drawings done with almost no conscious effort end up, to me at least, quite satisfactory as finished illustrations. A bit of looseness and spontaneity makes a positive difference.

Tokyo Signs Illustration

I try and do at least one new drawing a day. Sometimes, if the mood takes me, I’ll do four or five. The initial pen and paper drawing often takes less than a minute to complete, which I then follow up with digital post processing.

Recording drawing

Fasinator drawing

Matt continues to have fun drawing with freehand and computer-based techniques. He has produced thousands of vector drawings, caricatures, cartoons and other images over his long career.

 the drawings. See more at Perspective – View of the World through Illustrations

Matt’s art can also be seen in his RedBubble gallery.


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