About All Roads Traveled


Life is not always perfect. Like a road, it has many bends, ups and down, but that’s its beauty.

– Amit Ray, World Peace: The Voice of a Mountain Bird –

About Us


We live in a wonderful world. The beauty lies in its diversity. Learning about different cultures, amazing wildlife, their habitats and nature’s wonders helps us expand our awareness and gain perspective. Intelligence and seeds of wisdom are to be found in every corner of the world – in mountains, forests, lakes, oceans, deserts, caves, village farms and city footpaths. When we look for it, we can find inspiration through travel and moments in everyday life.

All Roads Traveled (started in March 2016) aims to build meaningful connections between our readers with the world around us. Through articles, photography and illustrations, we intend to create an inspiring online experience with a focus on culture, nature and wildlife.

May your own life’s journey be enriched and expanded through this experience.




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